Along With Novel Corona Virus Or Covid 19 - A Wishful Thinking

2020-06-01 21:33:45

Given that the novel corona virus has become par for the course of contemporary life, there is no other solution other than living as well as. In my earlier article titled 'Living with Novel Corona Virus or Covid 19', which was published here a few weeks past, I just explained the preliminary precautions that one must take while living with the novel corona virus or Covid 25. It was just brief note explaining the defensive methods by a single can stay away from the of a novel corona virus strike at.

However, here my intention is much broader.

I am not here to elucidate the scientific or medical assessment of the present situation, which could be the creation of the novel corona virus. I am not here to explain the guidelines put forward by expert medical professionals or the WHO.

I would like to address the entire global community to assert my contention, as well as to beseech everyone for working for the betterment of human life. I'm here just to beg for human bonding.

Let the novel corona virus (Covid 19) develop into a twist of fate; let us take this chance as a practical chance to get united, in the least mentally. Yeah, this novel corona virus has given us the highly desired break up! Let us unite, forgetting all of the regional, national, and religious barriers and grow into partners in building up a new global community. Remember, when such a pandemic occurs, humans are on one side, and the enemy is on another side. This practical truth simply explains that we are all from one class, as well as that's is our race. The novel corona virus has taught us this fact emphatically.

Let kids breathe fresh air; allow the chips to have more humane character than our staff members. Let them become GLOBAL CITIZENS rather as restricted nationalists. Restricted nationalism means restricted humanism, and restricted humanism means sophisticated or masqueraded barbarism.

By restricted nationalism, Setting up reducing to oneself, towards the few alphabets of one's name, religion, country, compared to thinking in par with the famous Aristotle quote, "Man is a social mouse." Let us start thinking big; let us throw away the unwanted ways of thinking, loaded with petty regionalism or religionalism. Let us get out of the linguistic barriers; let's free our minds and one thing!

After all, we are human, as well as can admit the fact! We must admit that are generally all person. We are all from one ethnic group; we fit in one family, which means that we are typical humans. We can make associated with the opportunity provided together with novel corona virus to your betterment, the betterment of the human we.

Please recognize that human less complicated very stressed. As we know now, even tiniest of your tiny virus, the novel corona virus, Covid 19, which one cannot pick out using the naked eyes, is willing to wiping out human lifespan! You don't need any human-made destructive mechanisms to devastate our pretty globe!

See exactly what happening into the existing social scenario! Schools have eradicated! All religious institutions remain closed! Pragmatically, human life has become more or less paralyzed! People fear to maneuver around the streets freely! Besides, there a good official ban for performing this in numerous countries! Officially, they call it 'lockdown'. Fear has gripped everyone, and everywhere you could see an air of uncertainty.

So, allow us to be associated with this fact as regards the fragility of ! Let us grab the practical essence for this fact! Let us love the two of you and become novel human beings. The novel corona virus has provided us a golden opportunity to become global everyday people.

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Hello, dear friend! I am Grace. I smile that I could unify to the whole globe.
I live in United States, in the south region. I dream to see the different nations, to obtain acquainted with appealing individuals.

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